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Alternative parking space in the corner of the peaceful yard of Kommee Kurki

This parking space is available in the service Matkaparkki.com. Book the additional services like sauna from here.

There is a nice place for one camping trailer next to a field scenery. Kommee Kurki is a good alternative to camping areas without all the fuzz and buzz. Also pets are allowed to stay here, when you just keep them in a leash.

The price is 25 €/night including basic electricity and adding water from the tap. Check-in after 2pm and check-out until 11am.


About the area

In the garden area there are swings and trampoline. Across the yard, next to vacation home Kommee Kurki there are a small sand box, a slide and a garden swing.

There is a swamplike bird lake nearby, and there live some cranes and whooper swans. These big birds make the special character to the area, as their concerting create an amazing soundscape. It is also likely to see them flying above the yard or the forest.


Extra services add up

It is also possible to have a sauna in the cute and tiny carriage sauna for 30 € or to have a campfire for some barbeque, firewood for campfire 5 € (not possible during a forest fire warning). The campfire site is in front of an old yard sauna building with a restful atmosphere.

And why not take the advantage of taking a nap in our private Tentsile tree tent? A breather in a tree tent at 12-3 pm costs 45 € for 1-3 persons and 75 € for 4-6 persons.


What to see and do in Sastamala

The closest beach is in the southern end of Houhajärvi and called Vesaranta in about 6 km (Maurialantie 433). If you prefer a bigger beach we recommend Kaalisaari in the town centre (Saarikatu 1 a). There is also a nice small beach Alasenranta (Jaatsinkatu 10).

For food we recommend e.g. Tyrvään Pappila, Laiturikahvila and the café in Pukstaavi, the museum of Finnish books. In the passage of K-Citymarket Sastamala there is a good café Kahvila KodinSydän. Other nice cafés are e.g. Bistro15 (Itsenäisyydentie 15) and Pyymäki (next to Lidl and in the town centre alongside the market place. In Ellivuori Resort there is a high quality restaurant. It is also a great idea to go to Ellivuori area for hiking and seeing the magnificient scenery from to top of Pirunvuori.

For more information go to Visit Sastamala



The vacation home and the tree tent site may be in use when you come. It is our priority to keep everyone happy, so please respect the peace of others like you want them to respect yours.