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Gift card to Tree Tent Kommee Kurki for 5 pers., 1 night

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Give a gift for a unique experience in nature!

Gift card in the private Tentsile tree tent for 5 persons

In Finland, in the Tampere Region, in the small but lively city of Sastamala the gift recipient gets a unique, ecological experience in nature by sleeping in a Tentsile Stingray tree tent set up in the air between trees. The restful location of our Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is next to a bird lake, on the border of a nature reserve in our privat forest. There are two tree tents only for the one entourage of max 6 adults to enjoy, so the recipient can have this wonderful experience in privacy.

  • In your basket there is a space to notify the e-mail address for delivering the gift card.

  • In this same space please notify the name of the recipient.

  • We will e-mail the gift card as soon as possible or depending on your wishes.

  • In the gift card there is our website to give more information to the recipient.

  • The recipient books the stay by calling tel. +358 50 378 9208 or via e-mail info@kommeekurki.fi

  • The gift card is valid for our season 2024 (May-September)

”The Great Finnish Tree Tent! Wow, what a truely tranquil place you have created here in the forest! We adored our two nights in the tree tent, it was most comfortable, and provided beautiful views during sunrise.” C & A, London


This is THE place to totally relax and get in touch with the inner self again

Our Tentsile tree tents are situated close enough to our family house and to the vacation house B&B Kommee Kurki to give our guests the feel of safety, but to give them that own peace and quiet. Our guests will get unique memories by sleeping in the pure air in the Finnish forest and by having all the nature sounds around them. One of the best pros are the cranes that live just next to the camp site at the bird lake Hanhijärvi. If the guests are lucky enough, they might even see some other wild forest animals! Don’t worry, there haven’t been any bears or wolves seen in the area but they can spot e.g. a fox, a deer or a badger. There are also some beavers nearby from time to time, so they can go see the trees that thouse beavers try to use for their dams.

But to be honest, the best thing to do here is just to relax, listen to the nature and think of nothing more but when to have the campfire and when to climb inside the tree tent.

Basics of Tree Tent Kommee Kurki

Our tree tents are Tentsile Stingray 3G, which has a capacity of 400 kg per tent. One tree tent accommodates 3 adults / 2 adults + 2 kids / 1 adult + 3 kids. There are air-filled camping mats for three in both tree tents. Guests will need to take their own sleeping bags with them or they can rent those for 1-3 persons from us (15 € each). They can rent pillows for a small fee (3 € each). You can order some extras here or the guests can pay the extras that they need with card or cash when they arrive.

One of the two tents is attached to trees about 1,8 m from the ground and there is a rope ladder for climbing inside. The other tent is attached lower, so the guests can climb inside through a zipper opening which makes it easy and safe for smaller kids and e.g. people with some aches.

The overlay fabric of the tree tent is transparent and it works like mosquito net. There is also a rain cover which keeps our guests protected from wind, too. There are a campfire site and an eco toilet with hand washing station next to the tree tents.

Staying in the forest means that there will be more or less mosquitos. However they won’t bug the guests too much, as they can use the small but efficient Thermacell mosquito repellant appliance.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki is available from beginning of May until late September.

The basic experience in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki includes:

  • Tentsile Stingray -accommodation from 4pm in the day of arrival until 11am in the day of departure

  • Three air-filled camping mats per tree tent

  • Mosquito net functioning overlay fabric and a rain cover

  • Welcoming shots with Finnish berry and herbal drink

  • 1,5 litres of bottled water for each adult

  • A small basket of snacks

  • Using the campfire site including the firewood (prohibited to light a fire during forest fire warning)

  • Using the eco toilet (includes water and soap for washing, a hand towel and hand sanitizer)

  • Portable camping light

  • Portable Thermacell mosquito repellant appliance for outdoor usage (not to use inside the tree tent!)

  • Showering in our tiny and cute wagon sauna which is along the driveway or somewhere in the yard of B&B Kommee Kurki

What needs to be taken with:

  • Sleeping bags (or can rent here for max 3 persons)

  • Campfire snacks or other food which stays fresh without cold storage

  • Other belongings

  • Warm clothes; remember a warm cap!

  • An extra layer of warm clothing in addition to what was first thought

Extra services

  • Breakfast basket: 9,50 €/person

  • You can rent a pillow: 3 €/person

  • You can rent a sleeping bag (3 available): 15 €/person

  • Have a sauna in the cute and tiny carriage sauna: 30 €/shift

  • During forest fire warning you can rent a camping cooking set: 10 €/stay

Anything to ask?: info@kommeekurki.fi or tel. +358 50 378 9208