Are you planning a trip somewhere in Finland? We have selected our favourites from partners, who stand for same kind of features as Kommee Kurki: great quality, friendly service and being close to nature. These are places we would like to visit also ourselves!


Rosala Viking Centre - fabled experiential accommodation on a beautiful island

You can stay overnight in the Viking village of The Rosala Viking Centre which is a museum and visitor centre with the main mission of depicting the Viking Age history of the archipelago and Finland. There are different kinds of possibilities for accommodation for lonely travellers, couples and families with children. The prices of accommodation include entrance fees, ready made beds, towels, evening sauna and breakfast.

The Chieftain’s hall in the Viking village houses three separate rooms that can be booked for families or individual travellers. The family rooms Freke and Gere, named after Odin’s wolves, have four beds each. In the Chieftain’s bedroom Björn you get to sleep in a bed that is a replica of a grave find from the Viking Age! Björn is suitable for one or two persons. You can also book a bed for yourself in the main room of the Chieftain’s Hall. The alcoves in the large hall are separated by fabrics and fit one person comfortably. If you want to experience the style of travelling vikings, we recommened to try the Viking tent. You can also choose the comfortable Cabin Sten, which accommodates even six persons.

The Viking Centre is located on the beautiful Rosala island near the Kimitoön. To get there, you need to take the car ferry M/S Aurora from Kasnäs, see the timetables here. Or if you are travelling on your own boat, you can read about the guest harbours here. To the car ferry you can't book your place, so you should arrive in good time to ensure your place. The trip with the ferry takes about 25 minutes, and after arriving to Rosala ferry harbour Långnäs there are 5 more kilometres to the Viking Centre. There are good possibilities for renting a cycle on the Rosala island, read more at those websites.


Karkausmäen Kammari - a renovated farm house close to Salamajärvi Nationalpark

Karkausmäen Kammari (Karkausmäki Chambers) offers cozy accommodation with modern facilities in Kinnula, Central Finland. Here you can feel the atmosphere of a former lumberjacks’ cabin and relax in the gentle and humid heat of our traditional wood-heated sauna.

You can book the whole house, a room for two or a single room.

In the light summer night you can experience the magic of the country landscape and admire the sunset at the lean-to shelter.

During bright winter nights you can hear the great horned owl hooting and watch the Northern Lights dancing!

Do indulge yourself in the peat or chocolate sauna or experience the nurturing power of the forest during a guided Forest Bathing, snow shoeing or hiking.


Hotel and Hostel Marja - feels like home in city centre of Mikkeli

Cosy and peaceful accommodation in the middle of beautiful historical centre is not easy to find. This small hotel has it all. The hotel is small and has only 10 apartments, which makes your stay comfortable without any disturbance. Each room has own kitchenette with all needed equipment, so you can make your own meals. Hotel has free parking for the guests next to the hotel. Peaceful Finnish nature and lakes are just around the corner.

All hotel apartments and rooms are like mini homes. Each room is equipped with a fridge, stove, microwave oven, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, hairdryer, iron with ironing board and TV. There is also wireless WLAN connection in the rooms. The host Marja offers coffee and tea for the first few days of your stay.

The biggest room is Family Suite, which accommodates even 9 persons, when you book also the extra beds. Family Room accommodates 5 people.

From us you can also book Marja´s City Apartments Duuo or Soolo, which are located in a fully renovated house only 400 metres from the market place of Mikkeli.


LapinTintti Eco-Cabin - accommodation in Inari, near the wilderness area Muotkatunturi and the National Park Lemmenjoki

LapinTintti log cabin provides a tranquil and relaxing experience for all nature enthusiasts. The spacious custom-built cabin has traditional wood burning stove in sauna, water saving shower and faucet and an eco-friendly composting toilet. The living room has a small wood burning stove and large windows to the northern directions which is ideal for admiring Aurora borealis if they are around. In summer season you can adore the Midnight Sun instead. The small kitchenette has fridge, electric kettle, coffee maker and stove. The beds are on a small loft. The electricity is renewable (solar).

There is no light pollution near the cabin so the property is ideal for night sky and aurora photography. The cabin has different kind of habitats nearby, which is interesting for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

LapinTintti Eco-Cabin is suitable for 1-2 persons, and it is available for minimum of 2 nights.

LapinTintti Eco-Cabin is run by a small family company called AT Nature. The family lives near the cabin, and the forest between their house and the LapinTintti cabin gives privacy for both the guests and the family and due to woods between the buildings one cannot see the lights of their home.

Karkausmäki glamping - deluxe

Spend the night close to nature!Our glamping tent has a picturesque scenery, which is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun.Available between 19.5.-31.8.


Karkausmäki glamping - basic

Spend the night close to nature!Our glamping tent has a picturesque scenery, which is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun.Available between 20.5.-8.9.


Summer night in the laavu - nature experience

Spend the night close to nature! Our "laavu" (lean-to) with a picturesque scenery, is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun. Includes bedlinen, towel, sauna, evening snack and breakfast...


Camping night with your own equipment

Karkausmäki hut for overnight use with own equipment


Karkausmäen Kammari - Rent the whole house

Farm house with lake scenery. Beds for 10 person, including bed linen, towels and sauna.


Room for two

Accommodation in a twin room including bed linen and towels, shared toilets and showers


Single room

Single room, including bed linen and towels, shared toilets and showers.


Viking Centre Bed in Chieftain's Hall

Visit Rosala, stay over night in a dorm Viking style! The hall's alcoves are separated by fabrics, and fit one person each


Viking Centre's Chieftain's Room Björn

Stay over night in the Chieftain’s bedroom Björn! The room has two beds that are both replicas of a find from the Viking Age


Viking Centre's Viking Tent

Stay over night in a tent in Rosala Viking Centre! The Viking tent accommodates up to four people comfortably


Viking Centre's Room Gere

Book an overnight stay Viking style in Rosala this autumn holiday! Gere has two bunk beds, and is well suited also for families


Viking Centre's Room Freke

Go for something different this summer, book an overnight stay Viking style in Rosala! Freke has two bunk beds, and is well suited also for families


Viking Centre's Cabin Sten

Book a cabin in Rosala island's Viking Village! Sten can accommodate up to six people


LapinTintti Eco-Cabin

Our log cabin, LapinTintti, offers a wonderful setting and accommodation for all nature enthusiasts and photographers near the Muddus Lake, the wilderness area Muotkatunturi and the National Park...


Family Suite


Family Room


1 Twin room with extra bed

1 Twin room with extra bed on the sofa


Twin Room


Double Room


Romance Suite


Twin Room


Twin Room


Double Room


Private Double Hostel Room with extra bed Shared Bathroom

Accommodation in Mikkeli in the cosy hostel room.