Kommee Kurki stands for private Tentsile-glamping and high quality accommodation in a nice wooden house in the countryside of Sastamala, 60 km from Tampere.

Vacation house B&B Kommee Kurki

From €100.00

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki

From €109.00

Satukurki Cabin


Breather in Tentsile tree tent, 12-3 pm

From €39.00

Tentsile-leirin varusteet ja ohjeistus

Caravan Parking for one motorhome in the countryside


Forest Bathing and Breather in a Tentsile Camp

From €225.00

Pet with you to B&B Kommee Kurki


Bed linen for staying in B&B Kommee Kurki


Have a sauna in the cute sauna wagon during Tentsile stay


Breakfast basket for tree tent campers 9,50 €/pers.


Rent a warm sleeping bag

From €15.00

Bed linen for staying in Satukurki Cabin


Pet with you to Satukurki Cabin


Offset carbon footprint