Kommee Kurki stands for private Tentsile-glamping and high quality accommodation in a nice wooden house in the countryside of Sastamala, 60 km from Tampere.

Vacation house B&B Kommee Kurki

Live like a Finnish family! Restful stay in high quality, pet friendly vacation house of 100 m² close to nature. Ideal for families, nature enthusiasts and small worker groups in Sastamala, 60 km...


Satukurki Cabin

In Satukurki Cabin the playful decoration creates a bit different atmosphere to the simple accommodation type. Suitable as additional space for the house or as individual accommodation. Available...


Tree Tent Kommee Kurki

An amazing soundscape of a bird lake and your total privacy quarantines a unique Tentsile tree tent experience in Finland!


Breather in Tentsile tree tent, 12-3 pm

Breather in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki for taking a nap, meditating or observing the nature for 3 hours. Available from May until September at 12-3 pm. Great for work ability or team day and for a...


Finnish Sauna Experience and Breather in Tentsile tree tent

Have an authentic Finnish Sauna Experience and a relaxing Breather in Tentsile Experience Camp Kommee Kurki! Take a nap in the tree tent, observe the nature and bird lake and enjoy the cute...


Forest Bathing and Breather in a Tentsile Camp

Experience the pure Finnish forest in a unique way in Sastamala, Tampere Region! The experience includes 60 minutes of Forest Bathing with Tibetan singing bowls and a breather in the private...


Tentsile-leirin varusteet ja ohjeistus

Jotta leirissä toimiminen olisi helppoa ja kivaa itselle sekä seuraavillekin tulijoille, luethan tarkasti nämä ohjeet.

Caravan Parking for one motorhome in the countryside

Caravan parking / motorhome overnight stop for one camper or caravan in a serene courtyard. Stop-over price includes electricity, fireplace, shower and water tank filling.


Have a sauna in the cute sauna wagon during Tentsile stay

Book a sauna shift in the cute and tiny carriage sauna during your stay in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki.


Breakfast basket for tree tent campers 9,50 €/pers.

Order your breakfast basket for extra service alongside your stay in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki. For pcs choose the quantity of persons.


Rent a warm sleeping bag

Rent a sleeping bag and a comfortable sleeping bag liner of ecological cotton during your stay in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki.


Bed linen for staying in B&B Kommee Kurki

Book bed linen per person during your stay in B&B Kommee Kurki.


Pet with you to B&B Kommee Kurki

When you stay in B&B Kommee Kurki, you can bring also well-behaving pets with you.


Bed linen for staying in Satukurki Cabin

Book bed linen per person during your stay in Satukurki Cabin.


Pet with you to Satukurki Cabin

When you stay in Satukurki Cabin you can bring also a well-behaving pet or two with you. Add 1 or two to basket.


Offset carbon footprint

You can offset the carbon footprint of your stay by buying this product. One piece stands for one planted tree, which binds 600 kg of carbon during its life cycle.