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Finnish Sauna Experience and Breather in Tentsile tree tent
€69.00 / 4 h
Price includes 3 persons.Extras:
  • Persons€7.00


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Enjoy a Finnish Sauna Experience and relax in a private tree tent!

Here in Sastamala, the Tampere Region, you can have an authentic Finnish Sauna Experience and a relaxing Breather in Tentsile Experience Camp Kommee Kurki!

Take a nap in the private tree tent campsite, observe the nature and bird lake and enjoy the campfire. After that you'll have a wonderful sauna shift in our Bedford Carriage sauna.

Kommee Kurki is part of Think Sustainably Programme of Visit Tampere, and as LGBTQ-friendly destination, we are a member of We Speak Gay -community.

Kommee Kurki is only 60 km from Tampere, The Sauna Capital of the World. You can access our place by car, or rent a bike in Tampere and take a train to Sastamala. The bike ride is then about 13 km from the Sastamala railway station.

By the way, did you know, that Finnish sauna culture is also a part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list?

Having a sauna in the Bedford Carriage sauna is the real Finnish thing!

It is very common in the Finnish countryside to have a "yard sauna", maybe in an old building. Our version of that is the Bedford Carriage sauna. The base of our "yard sauna" used to be the pallet of a Bedford 1965, then a loose trailer and finally it became the base of our extraordinary movable sauna.

We will pre-heat the sauna for you, and during having the sauna you can add some firewood into the fireplace of the stove. That will be a part of the Finnish sauna experience as you can do your own bit! Don't worry, it won't be difficult, just pay attention to sauna safety - you'll get as much instructions as you need.

You can wash yourself in the shower in the sauna. The sauna is small, so please be careful when moving in the sauna room and showering, so you don't slip or burn your skin onto the sauna stove.

2 or 3 adults can comfortably fit on the sauna bench at a time - Please take this into account when planning your group's sauna session. The sauna's lounge room and cooling area as well as the yard area of Kommee Kurki are available if not everyone of your group can fit to/want to use the sauna.

There is a sofa and a small table in the tiny room of the carriage. If necessary, you can even charge phones in the small room, because there is electricity there. A hairdryer is also available.

The price includes towels, bench covers and mineral water.

For extra fee you can also have Finnish berry and herbal nectar shot, 3 €/person (that you can pay here).

You will have the tree tent campsite for your use 12-3 pm and the sauna shift is 3-4.30 pm. This package of breather and sauna is available from May until September.

Here you can watch a YouTube video of the sauna.

Information about the Tentsile campsite

There are two tree tents at the campsite and you can choose either of them as they both are always for the same entourage. The one with the best view is attached at about 1,8 metres. The other one is attached lower and it is accessible for also people with hip aches etc.

You can see through the mesh fabric, which also keeps mosquitos away, and there is also a rain cover so you or the tent won´t get wet.

From the sun we ask you to protect yourself with clothing and a hat, not sun screen, to keep the tree tent clean from lotion.

So the price of this package includes:

  • using the tree tents and the camp site for 1-6 people depending on the price list during 12-3 pm

  • having the sauna during 3-4.30 pm: including towels, bench covers and mineral water

  • air filled camping matresses for three in both tree tents

  • using the campfire place and the firewood, not allowed during forest fire warning

  • there are gear for grilling and making black pot coffee and tea (note: don't make fire during forest or grass fire warning), and a seating area in the campsite

  • using the eco-toilet at the campsite, including water, soap, hand sanitizer and hand towel

  • binoculars for bird watching

Please note these rules and regulations:

  • no pets allowed

  • take the given schedule into account: the campsite is for your use 12-3 pm and the sauna shift is 3-4.30 pm

  • please keep the area and the tents clean and tidy: there is a trash can in the campsite and the sauna

  • respect the nature, birds and animals

  • you are not allowed to collect any moss etc.

  • you are allowed to pick blueberries in the forest

  • making fire at the campsite is not allowed during forest/grass fire warning

  • don't leave the campfire unattended

  • no smoking at the campsite/sauna area: there is an ash tray in front of B&B Kommee Kurki (the yellow building)

  • the sauna will be pre-heated up to about 60 °C: during you are in the sauna, it easily heat up to about 80 °C and more

    • only put a couple of fire wood at a time into the fire place of the stove

    • incase there is too hot, you can open the sauna door for a while

    • please pay attention not to let any water to get inside the sauna lounge room

  • the sauna is small, so please be careful when moving in the sauna room and showering, so you don't slip or burn your skin onto the sauna stove

  • drink enough water. You are allowed to bring your own drinks but remember that too much alcohol and sauna are not a good match

  • after having the sauna, please rinse the shower gel etc. away from the sauna bench and the floor

    • leave the towels and bench covers in the carriage sauna

    • leave the front door open for ventilation unless it is raining

  • before you leave it would be nice to hear how it was

  • please also inform us, if something went broken or if there is something extra to clean

  • Kommee Kurki holds the right to invoice afterwards any damages, especially if you haven't told about them during your stay

  • in case any problems occur, call your host Anja: +358 50 378 9208

  • take care of having your accident insurance valid

Inquiries: info@kommeekurki.fi or tel. +358 50 378 9208