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Forest Bathing and Breather in a Tentsile Camp
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Forest Bathing and Breather in a comfortable Tentsile Camp

Experience the pure Finnish forest in a unique way in Sastamala, Tampere Region! The service includes 60 minutes of Forest Bathing (in Japanese Shinrin-yoku) with Tibetan singing bowls and a breather in the private Tentsile tree tent camp site of Kommee Kurki.

In this experience you get to re-connect yourself with nature in a lovely private forest area next to the Bird Lake Hanhijärvi. The soundscape created by cranes, whooper swans and small birds gives a special feature to the experience. The sound of Tibetan singing bowls resonate in your body cells and gently massage your body from inside.

The certified instructor of Forest Bathing is Satu Kunnari from our co-operator Mielen Soinnut and the experience is available in English and in Finnish.

The experience takes alltogether 3 hours during 12-3 pm and is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from May to September. The tree tent camp site is at your usage during the whole experience.

When you arrive to the yard of Kommee Kurki, the owner of the accommodation services Anja Hanhijärvi will welcome you and guide you to the Tentsile camp. We will check the facilities and the usage of Tentsile rain covers etc. Your Forest Bathing guide Satu Kunnari tells a bit of general information about shinrin-yoku and the Forest Bathing session of 60 minutes starts about 12.30 pm.

After the Forest Bathing session you have time to relax in the tree tents of Kommee Kurki. There are 2 Tentsile Stingray tree tents in the camp, and in each tent there can stay 3 adults at a time. The campfire site is also at your usage when there is no forest fire warning.

Forest Bathing and Breather in a Tentsile Camp includes:

  • group size 1-12 pax

  • available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during May-September 12-3 pm

  • prices:

    • 1-4 pax 225 €

    • 5-9 pax 285 €

    • 10-12 pax 315 €

  • the Tentsile camp site with 2 tree tents and facilities during 12-3 pm

  • Forest Bathing session of 60 minutes

  • in the camp there are: campfire site with fire wood, pots for black pot coffee and tea, eco toilet (includes water and soap for washing, a hand towel and hand sanitizer), 2 binoculars for bird watching

  • bring your:

    • own water bottle

    • warm clothing, add at least one extra layer

    • yoga mat/sit pad (there are some sitting pads to lend in the camp/ask for yoga mats to rent)

    • packed food

  • as additional service you can order e.g. Finnish cinnamon rolls (pulla) and hot juice in a thermos, or sturdy Finnish berry and herbal shots (alcohol free). These can be paid with card or invoice.

For any questions, please email us to:

If the given schedules don't meet your needs, email us also in that case.

NOTE! There is no insurance from our side for the groups. The experience is considered safe anf with very low risks, but please take in consideration of checking the coverage of your own insurances regarding to join this kind of activities. During the instructed Forest Bathing the professional guide takes care of you, but you always take part to the experience at your own risk.


The Terms and Conditions of Forest Bathing and Breather in a Tentsile Camp (later: event)

Please pay attention to the following terms to keeping us all at the same page <3

Cancelling the event:

  • If the event is cancelled by the organizer (Mielen Soinnut or Kommee Kurki), the customers will receive back 100 % of the paid sum.

  • If a customer cancels due to illness or injury, the full sum of his/her/their share is paid back when the medical certificate is delivered.

  • If the customer doesn't cancel or show up to the event, the paid sum is not returned.

  • If the customer cancels prior one day or on the day of the booked event, 50 % of the sum will be returned. If the customer cancels at least 2 days prior the event, 100 % of the sum will be returned or we can arrange an other date for the event.

  • If there occur any disagreements, we try to negotiate them directly. In case that won't work, the customer can ask for a third party help from The Con­sumer Ad­vi­sory Ser­vices