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Breakfast basket for tree tent campers 9,50 €/pers.


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Simple and delicious breakfast basket 9,50 €/pers.

You can order a simple breakfast basket before you arrive to Kommee Kurki. The basket will be delivered at the agreed time (from 8.00 am) nearby the tree tent site. This allows you to wake up to the new day without any interruption and to maintain the peace of your own. The breakfast basket costs 9,50 €/person. It is tailored from following foods:

  • Coffee/tea in thermos, milk, sugar
  • Karelian pasty/plain croissant, ask for vegan and gluten free variants
  • Finnish squeaky cheese/organic bananas
  • Berry juice and something sweet

Please order your breakfast basket and tell your choices min 1 day prior to your arrival.

We also try to tailor our services to meet your needs, so don’t hesitate to tell your extra wishes!