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Hot stone massage
€80.00 / 1 h 30 min

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Relax in the warmth of the stones!

The hot stones will lead you to a wonderful state of relaxation with their warmth. In a hot stone massage, your muscles are treated with smooth basalt stones shaped by nature. The effect of the stones extends up to 3 cm deep in the tissue due to the heat given off by the stones when manipulating the tissue.

The massage feels pleasantly soft and painless, but the effects are deeper than a manual deep tissue massage. The massages are effective in relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation and activating fluid circulation. The warmth of the stones relaxes both muscles and mind.

Hot stone massage has many beneficial effects, such as softening muscle tissue, increasing blood circulation, stimulating fluid circulation and improving the elimination of waste products. The massage relieves pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, relaxes muscles and increases the elasticity of connective tissue, and calms and balances the nervous system.

If classical massage suits you and you like the heat, hot stone massage is usually also suitable. But if you are pregnant or suffer from sensory problems, diabetes, heart disease, psoriasis or atopic skin, have a fever, are on antibiotics, have a serious illness such as cancer, have varicose veins or have very thin skin you may want to avoid hot stone massage or at least tell your masseuse about these problems when making an appointment.

You can pay for the treatment immediately in the online shop or choose to pay by Provisional Booking, which means that payment is taken care of on the spot at the end of the treatment.

Duration of treatment approx. 90min